Why sell my car at an auction?

As the way we buy and sell things changes, it’s a good idea to look for new and better ways. Selling a large ticket item, such as a car or motorcycle, can be a tough task. From finding the right web sites to market your used vehicle; to meeting with potential buyers. There are plenty of chances for making mistakes. Searching online for an affordable and reliable way to sell your car is both time consuming to frustrating. There are many sites that claim to put your vehicle in front of a large audience of potential buyers, when in fact it will be listed along side many cars just like yours. And if you decide to sell it yourself with a simple ad on Craigslist, you will have to deal with a barrage of lookers, crooks and bargain hunters, taking up your time. What about the time that will be spent cleaning, taking pictures and making appointments to show the car. How long can you have that car sitting, waiting for the right buyer to come along? It could take months to sell.

What about if you have a REALLY used car? Maybe it only starts on Wednesdays. Maybe it sounds like a rocks in a blender when it starts up. Maybe it doesn’t start at all anymore. How are you going to sell that car to get it off the driveway? You could just call a salvage yard to come get it. You might even make a hundred dollars for a car that you know is worth more. If only you could find the right buyer. Let’s say that you do find a buyer for the car. You collect the cash and hand over the title. Six months later you get a parking ticket in the mail, because the buyer never transferred the title. Now the car is out there racking up tickets and your stuck. Title work? Who wants to deal with that?

There is a great alternative to all of that. Bring your car to sell at an auction. Why? Because at an auction the car will be marketed to highly motivated buyers, looking for all types of cars and motorcycles. Instead of waiting weeks or even months for your car to sell, at auction the cars are sold on a single day. And payment is usually made within one week. All promotion costs are covered by the auction and they deal with all the lookers, crooks and bargain hunters for you. They will prep the car, and help appraise it. They will also take care of all the title paperwork and fully transfer the title to the new buyer. Think about the time and energy you could save just by dropping off the car, setting a price and waiting for the check. And if your vehicle isn’t running, the auction can usually pick it up for you. How much will all this cost me? It’s got to be expensive for all that service, right? Generally auctions charge ten percent of the sale amount as a fee. That’s it. Ten percent for your time, trouble and peace of mind. It might be time to reconsider your options.