What types of cars do you sell?
We have a wide variety of Dealer and Individual Consignments, Fleet Vehicles, and Donated Vehicles.

When do you have auctions?
We have weekly online auctions. We reserve the right to cancel an auction with or without prior notice. See our Auction Calendar now!

When can I view the cars?
You can view the cars in person that are listed for sale on Friday's from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Can I see a list of cars for your online sale?
You can see, print, and share a list of upcoming vehicles by clicking the link on the Auction Calendar. You can also see the inventory list on the website.

What do I need to buy a car at your online sale?
You will need a valid U.S. issued driver license, passport or U.S. Immigration ID and you must be over 18. You will also need a valid credit card in order to bid.              

What types of payment do you accept?
We accept cash, U.S. Certified Bank Check (licensed dealers only), and all major credit cards.

If I buy a car how long do I have to pay?
Your credit card will be charged $300 for any car on which you are the winning bidder. The car must be paid for in full and picked up within 3 business days or you will forfeit your deposit.

If I buy a car how long do I have to pick it up?
You have 4 working days to pickup your purchased vehicle. After 4 working days, we will charge a $25 per day storage fee.

How much does it cost to come to one of your auctions?
Our auctions are always free to attend. A deposit is only taken from your credit card if you are the winning bidder. Your card will be charged the deposit amount on each car for which you are the winning bidder. The $300 deposit is applied toward the balance of the purchase. At no time will the deposit be refunded should you decide not to folow through with the purchase of a vehicle.

How do I register to bid in the online auctions?
If you plan on buying a car, you must click on the red "sign up" button on our home page. You will be asked to enter bidder information, upload proper documents, credit card information and select the correct bidder type. Once this is done you will have access to the bidding platform where you can start making proxy bids, manage all your information, and manage your purchases from the platform. 

What is the starting price for cars that you sell?
Bids may start as low as $100. Many cars sell to the highest bidder although we do have a selection of vehicles that require a minimum bid. Most minimums reflect either: A) the price that the charity or consignor has stated is the least they are willing to accept or B) the minimum reflects the towing or other costs for getting the vehicleready to be sold. 

How can I sell my car through your auction?
First, the title must be free of liens and in your name. We take consignments on a first come first serve basis. There is a limited number of consignments accepted each month, please contact the auction for details on the process. Gnerally, we will require the vehicle, the title and the owner's driver license in order to put the car into one of our auction events. You can run a vehicle in up to four auctions in the event that it does not sell for the minimum amount you have designated. In that case, you will be required to lower the minimum for each auction until you either remove the vehicle or it sells.

Can I get directions to your auctions?
A map of our location is found at the very bottom of our home page.

What if I purchase a car which isn't as described on the website?

While we do our absolute best to be sure that the condition of the car is presented correctly, sometimes things change and we do not always catch them. Therefore we can not guarantee that the condition of a purchased vehcile will exactly match what is listed on the website. It is very important that potential bidders come out to inspect the cars prior to placing bids. By doing this, you can insure that you know what to expect when you purchase a vehicle at the auction. In the case that you do purchase a vehicle which has issues that were not announced or listed, we can at our discretion, enter into arbitration with the buyer to attempt to resolve the issue. 

Can purchased cars be driven from the lot once purchased?

Cars can only be legally driven on public roadways if they have a  current inspection before the time of sale and a valid E-Tag displayed. If the purchaser obtains an inspection after the sale, they must aquire a thiry (30) day permit from a local county tax office. All cars other than those listed above MUST be towed or trailered from the auction facility. 


Please see the Fees list located on the website next the current auction date.